Sad young boy covering ears while parents quarrelingFor Illinois parents facing divorce, there are many unknowns that can be frightening, especially regarding children. A divorce lawyer in Illinois understands that the issues that concern a divorcing couple’s children can often create the greatest conflict. Most parents want what is best for their children, but wonder if divorcing could have major consequences on their children’s mental, physical and emotional well-being.

While the way that parents handle discussing divorce with their children may be able to lessen the negative impacts of a divorce, research has found that there are some effects that are common in a large percentage of children from split families.

1. Stress

Divorce brings with it many life changes that can be difficult for children to understand. Due to the potential for a custodial parent to face a drop in income, children are much more likely to live in poverty. These economic hardships, along with new visitation arrangements and parental conflict, can create added stressors that some children may not be able to deal with.

2. Risk

When compared to children of non-divorced parents, children whose parents have divorced face an increased level of risk in many different areas, including the following:

  • Academics
  • Behavioral problems
  • Drug use
  • Illness
  • Sexual activity
  • Domestic violence


A divorce lawyer knows that not all children from divorced homes end up with these issues, but the risk may be higher.


3. Worry

When it comes to children and divorce, it is common for there to be an increased amount of worry regarding relationships and marriage for kids from divorced parents. There are often painful memories attached to the breakup of a parents’ relationship, and despite the effort parents put into guiding their children successfully through the divorce transition, those scars can last for years. According to a study by psychologist Judith Wallerstein, children can deal with fear and worry even 25 years after their parents’ divorce.

4. Resilience

While there are many negative impacts of divorce on children, there are some that could be viewed as positive. Some children from divorced homes become more resilient. They may be better equipped to handle the stressful situations that life throws their way, thanks to the lessons learned during their childhood years.

Divorce is often hard on everyone involved, but can be especially distressing for children. Parents who want to help their children go through the transition process more successfully may choose to obtain legal aid. A divorce lawyer in Illinois may be able to provide advice on how to navigate a divorce in the best way possible.