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Modification to Child Support

Arlington Heights Child Support Modification Lawyers

In Illinois, child support is paid to the parent with custody for the care of minor children. Child support payments cover the cost of food, clothing, and shelter, but do not include the cost of child care, extracurricular activities, or medical expenses, which are negotiated separately. The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act  dictates the minimum amount of support, though it can be changed by order of court or by mutual agreement of the parties involved and with court approval.

Modifications to Child Support

If circumstances change and the child support award becomes insufficient or excessive, a parent may seek a court-ordered modification. In these cases, the court considers factors such as job loss, substantial increase in income, and the needs of the child. The custodial parent is not required to provide an accounting as to how child support payments are spent. The amount of support received is not taxed as income by the recipient nor deductible by the parent making the payments.

  • Custodial parents in Illinois who are concerned about the timeliness of the payments can choose to have payments sent directly from the payor’s employer,(referred to as wage garnishment) or to the State of Illinois Disbursing Unit.
  • Visitation cannot be denied because of failure to pay child support.
  • The obligation to pay child support terminates based on events in the child’s life stated by law or by agreement of the parties and can include: reaching the age of majority, finishing high school or becoming emancipated, marrying or joining the military.

Our team of attorneys understands the complex issues affecting the court’s decision and makes certain to carefully approach each individual case, including involving our clients in the decision-making process.

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