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Chicago Alimony and Maintenance Spousal Attorneys

Chicago Alimony and Maintenance Spousal Attorneys

If you are considering a divorce, you may be worried about whether you are entitled to financial support from your spouse. Our Illinois family lawyers work with you and your spouse for a financial solution, so that both parties maintain the standard of living upheld during the marriage.  Illinois law gives the court the discretion to award maintenance, formerly alimony, to spouses based on their needs and the ability to pay.  Our attorneys understand these laws and how apply them to your unique situation. There are three types of maintenance awards in Illinois:

  • Temporary Maintenance provides you with financial support during the divorce and ends when the judgment for dissolution is entered.
  • Rehabilitative Maintenance begins after the divorce is final and is awarded on a short-term basis. It continues until the receiving party gains the skills necessary to be self-sufficient, usually through education or training.
  • Permanent Maintenance is awarded if the receiving party lacks the financial resources to support him/herself after the divorce and if that party has been dependent on their spouse throughout your marriage. It can be modified based on a change in circumstances and typically ends if the receiving party remarries or live with another partner.

Rights to Maintenance

A recipient’s right to receive maintenance is not guaranteed by statute as it is for child support. It is based on the needs of the spouse seeking support and on their spouse’s ability to pay. To determine the award, the court considers the length of the marriage, the disparity of income between the spouses, the age and health of the spouses, the ability of the spouse requesting support to obtain the necessary education to support him or herself in the future, the duration of that training or education, and the distribution of marital property on divorce and resulting tax consequences.  The process takes into account many factors, all of which our attorneys understand and can explain to our clients.

Chicago Divorce and Maintenance Lawyer

Understanding all of the factors important to the court is a task that the attorneys at the Law Office to Miriam Cooper & Associates handle expertly and persuasively. Our attorneys respected by the legal community for their ability to effectively represent spouses in divorce cases. We know the importance of a fair maintenance award and offer years of experience in handling divorce and maintenance cases in Illinois, including Chicago, Rolling Meadows, Arlington Heights, Palatine, and Schaumburg. Call our office today to schedule a free office consultation with our maintenance attorneys at 847-995-8800.